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||* I'm iRrSsiStiBLe.. NoN cOmPeTibLe *|| ||* nOt SaYiN i'M tHe BeSt.. i'M jUsT iNcReDiBLe*||

..BaBy BoY iM dIgGiN YoO....CuZ u MakE mE WaNNa dO aLL TheM ThiNgZ....i WaS TAuGhT i WaSnT SuPPoSeD 2..

iM tHa hUnNiE WiT dAh SeXy SmILe R ThA hOe TrYiN tA jOcK mY sTyLe!

u ThInK u GoT gAmE u ThInK u A wInNa WeLL cOmPaReD tO mE u JuSt a BeGiNnA

i DoNt HaTe u Or DeSpIsE yOu i CaLL u a WhOrE sImPlY cOz iT dEsCrIbEz U

::CaTcH a BrEaTh:: ::PiNcH uR wRiSt:: =YeS iTz TrU..I dO ExSiSt=

I cAn MakE yA sTuDdA wHeN u CaLl MaH nAmE**CoZ eVeRy FeLLaZ hOoKeD iN tHiS hOtTiEs GaMe*

*iDoLiZeD oR dEsPiSeD*...EiThEr WaY...*iM gEtTiN rEcOnIzEd*

DiS iS fOr My: PRADA pals GUCCI gals POLO princessez HARDTAIL hunnies MAVI mommas BUFFALO bytches ABERCROMBIE angels JUICY COUTURE japs/caps LIMITED luvas CHANNEL chikas DKNY darlings FENDI friends GUESS guyz KATESPADE kids PUMA punks SEPHORA stylers and TIFFANY talkers

ImMaTaTeD By ByChEz DaT nEvA dUpliCAtEd My RiChEz OvA raTed n PLaYa HaTed By dOsE FaKe LIL bOyS i DaTeD

AnGeL mUh AsS iMmA ByTcH wIt CLaSs!

i HoW cAn u MaKe mE fALL fOr u WhEn u HaVe nO iNtEnTiOn tO cAtCh mE?

I cry everynite wishing u were mine but when i talk to you,you make everything fine you broke my heart and thats a true crime All I wanted was for you to make time!!!

If you had to choose between me and the world, which would you pick? if you chose the world, you would lose me but if you chose me I'd give you the world

*-;-Anytime you want me just say so-;-**-;-Cause when it comes to you I can't say no-;-*

I know I shouldn't love you so I convince myself I don't it works for a while until the point where we see each other again and you smile and the logic and convincing just evaporates

* BanGin bOotY n sExy ThiGhs ** JuiCy LipS n sEduCtiNg eYez *

*i GoT fELLaZ oN tHeRe kNeEs**ScReAmIn -Oh bOo pLeZe!*

*·.·.WhEn Da PaRtIeS dOnE aNd ThA LiGhTz Go OuT.·.·**·.·.DeReS nO dOuBt.·.·**·.·.MuH nAmE iS tHe OnE hE sHoUtZ.·.·*

MaKe LiKe a ToNgUe & LiCk mE!

FiRsT u DiSsEd mE nOw u WaNnA kIsS mE bUt iTs tOo LaTe bAbY cOz nOw u MiSsEd mE!

Why do we close are eyes when we dream?When we cry? When we imagine? When we kiss? Because the most beautiful things in the world are unseen

ThE bEsT wAy tO a MaNs hEaRt iS tHrU HiS fLy

I wEnT fRoM cAnDy & tOyS 2 sNeEkiN oUt WiT dA bOyS

LoVe mE oR hAtE mE EiThA wAy iM oN yA mInD!

* E * aNd * bOnGz **Da GuCci sHiRtS AnD PiNk LaCe tHoNgZ

DeEp DaRk SeCrEtS ScAnDlEs N LieS a NiCe PhAt A$$ & BeauTiFuL Eyez

*iM sO SizZLiN PrEtTy aNd SwEet**i MaKe yA hEaRt sKiP a BeAt*

LuCiOuS LiPs N bIg BLue EyEz GoRgEoUs HaIr & BaNgIn ThIgHs BaBy u KnO fRuM dA bOtToM tO dA tOp tHiS cHiX hOtTnEsS iS * N o N . S t O p *
OnE gOLdEn RuLe tO LiVe bY aNd kEeP uS giRLs oN tRacK nEvEr LuV a pLaYa cUz hE'LL nEvEr LuV u BaCk

oPeN Ur MoUtH,StIcK OuT uR tOuNgE TaKe a LiL tAsTe aNd LeTs HaVe SuM FuN

X- SeXy LiL ChiC -X (( TiTe JeAnZ - CuRvY HiPz ))* BlAcK ThOnG & KiSsAbLe LiPz *-No ThUg CaN ReSiSt

.*.BaNgIn sTyLe.*..*.sExY sMiLe.*..*.MaKiN bOyZ gO BuCkWiLd.*.

GeT iT ToGeThA. Or FoRgEt iT FoReVa. *yOu AcTiN LyK i CaNt GeT WhOeVa*

iM SwEeT_PeTiTe_BOuT FiVe FeeT .Da CuTeSt Sh0rTi YoOz WiLL eVa MeeT

iM DoNe WiT aLL dA sTrEsSiN iM SiCk Of Da ImPrESiN iF yOu WaNt It CuM aNd GeT iT cUz NoW iM dOwN fOr MeSSiN

»¦«·.iM aDdIcTeD tO jUs a FeW tHiNgS.·»¦« »¦«·.uR sMiLe.uR LaF.uR eYeZ.·»¦« »¦«·.AnD.... UhHh.... YoO.·»¦«

..Were LoOKiN HoT.. ..LoOKiN NiCe.. MaKin tha FeLLaS º¨*:·.×LoOk TWiCE×.·:*¨º

DiCe GaMeS_iCeD ChAiNs DiS mAmI'z WaY OuTtA YoUr pRiCe RaNgE

AlL u GiRlS SwEaT MaH LoOk CuZ WaT i GoT iS OfF Da HoOk

CLuBs .. i RoCk ThAt DiAmOnDz .. i WeAr ThAt BoYz .. i HiT ThAt Ma HeArT.. SoRry CaNt ToUcH ThAt

sEXy lil ShOrTii aS cUTe aS cAn bE nOt eVEn *jA rULe* cAn pUt iT oN mE

*mY sTyLe'S sO uNiQuE* *iT's SuMtHiNg u wanna StReSs* *HoW qUiCkLy i CaN mAkE* *ThE fYnEsT MeN get uNdReSsEd*

| By DaY | SwEeT HuNi | By NiTe | PLayBoY BuNi

iM ThA PiMPStReSs of diZ naUghTy NaTioN PLayiN DeM PiMPz 4 My ReLaXaTioN MakiN DeM FeeL aLL thoZe sEXy SeNsaTionZ whiLe TheY BreAtHe My ViBRatioNZ anD i BeCoMe TheiR inSpiRatiOn deRe wOnT bE DuPLiCaTiOn CoZ iM ThA bESt oF thiZ GenERatiOn

-iM 1oO% pUrE jOy--JuS LyKe A pAgE oUtTa PlAyBoY

sToP CaLLiN dA NuMbAz iN uR MaNs PoCkEtS mY FoNe iS RiNGiN *-_oFF dA HoOk_-*

BoYs BoUnCe BeTtEr BeNeAtH bLaNkEtS

A careless word may kindle strife; a cruel word may wreck a life; a timely word may level stress; a loving word may heal and bless.

*~2 sexy 2 please...2 fine 2 tease...sooo boyz tell ur pantz not to point...please..~*

*~Temptation like this u just can resist...lipz so perfect u just wanna kiss....~*

*~What does it mean when a guy is gasping for breath and screaming your name?¿?¿? dOes It MeaN You didn’t hold the pillow down long enough~*

*~Like me, hate me, hug me, date me, kiss me, break me, dump me, make me, bend me, fold me, love me, hold me.~*

*~Worry looks around; sorrow looks back; faith looks up

When you love someone, you give him the power to hurt you~*

* its funny how we set qualifications for the one we love, but deep in our minds we kno that for the one we love, there will still be expectations *

My sTyLe iZ ¹ oF a KiNd eAsY ² jOcK bUt iMpOSibLe ² rOcK iTz jUs iNsAnE frUm HeAd ² tOe JuS GoTa UnDaStAnD i GoT Da HoTt AzZ FLo