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Sad Quotes :'(


I think Im in love
but im to young
to even care
about you, me
together forever it seems
but y wont u return my calls?
why wont u talk 2 me anymore
i wish it was like b4
everytime I hear that damn phone ring
my heart jums i could sing
but i wont
and i dont
really give a shit anymore
but really i do cause i wanna go slam my head in the door
youve poisend my mind
thats what boys do
I gave up all my time
just so i could see you
I just wanna run up and say FUCK U 2 ur face
but at the same tim ei wanna kiss u all ova the place
this is stupis this is gay
i hate you i hate u is all i wanna say
BY: Megan Cahiil
for justin

If only i met u 1 month earlier
If only my hair was a lil bit curlier
if only i knew what to say
if only i knew
how 2 make all these feeling 4u
just go away
If only u loved me instead of her
If only i knew that u loved me for sure
If only we could b 2gether
but in my mind i know its never
If only i could read ur mind
If only i could turn back time
I would walk right up 2 u
and tell u how i feel
If oly i was good enough
if only i was tough enough
2 take all this pain
making me go insane
But if & only never happen 2 me
only in fake ass stories u c
If only i could have you
if only this poem were ture
If only

B4 i leave thid crap ass town
ill tell it 2 ur face clear & Loud
i love u more then every breathe i take
i hate u the more u cause my heart 2 break
i love u more than any1 i know
i hate u more bc uve made everything numb and fucking cold
I want u more than any boy
you would b my only choice
my life is your toy
to be broken or bought
but ur heart is my toy u know u got caught
yuo are my only 1 as the song goes
but in my heart i really know
that u dont love me
aint that sad?