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2day  had 2 exams did ver good on both had dance practice it was sooo funny i ove dance and he didnt run 2day :( o well i like c him evry day dont matter! lol and went 2 the hockey game w/ amandaHILARIOUSE! i love cody p hes such a sweet guy got a ride from Jimmy we went on the "back roads" lmao and we missed my house but its gracy i had 2 walk home from dance! thank god Natile Blongie saw me! thanks so much 4 the ride!! well gtg 2 many ppl talking c ya lata!

heres my second 1 had 3 exams and had 2 talk 2 couch Kamps! ahhhh scary but i only have 2 miss 2 games(yesssss!) got drunk yesterday w/ karissa! fun fun times!haha omg it was soo  funny!! wowo we;ll ahve 2 do that more often! but anyways me and amanda wernt allowed 2 leave school but we had fun w/ whit, madddawg, the mill, MOLLY!, alysha, carodizzle and a bunch of other ppl cant remember! haha me and aly hung out durning 6th and ppl had pudding and shit that makes ur tounge numb! it was hilariouse my jaw hit the basket ball lmao (aly) well ttyall lata (geoff lets kill ehr!!) lol ~XoXoXoX

we went 2 the mall that was sosoo fun! im getting my hair done really awesome bc every1 has brown hair and i hate being a clone of every1 else!!! right every1 lol then we went 2 hockey practice and i hit jamie w/ a puck! lol sorry it was funny and paige practiced w/ us !!! she was soooo cute ppl are having partys and me and amanda cant go bc we r on "probation"!!! damit  lol o well then we were gonna go to the moooovies w/ carodizzle but we have NO money lol and then she was gonna come over but her mom wont let her bc Shane is r only supervison lmaowell were gonna do some crazy pics and stuff 2day was really fun well gtg love u all bye bye

Lol sorry  havent written in awhile ALOT has happend these past couple days! wow iv ehad a very ver good year and i cant belive it lol but i gtg ill update it soon trevors calling awesoem! ;) love u allls

hey whats up lol alot alot of shit has happend and idk where 2 start lol well i gtg ttyl bye bye! have nice day!

~*Treat me like an angel and I'll be your lil devil!~*
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WhEn i WaLk By Ur AsKiN Ur Boy, iS sHe PrEtTiEr DeN mE!? GoT DeM GuYz SaYiN UmM, WeLL--> HONESTLY?</
u seem like a sweet person...mind if i lick you to find out